Panel Session 4: 13:45 - 14:30

My Story: Building Sustainable Business Through Resilience And Grit

Tya Ariffin

Founder, Mutyara Beauty

Tya Ariffin (Founder, Mutyara Beauty)

Tya Arifin, retired from her acting career and became a successful business owner. As an entrepreneur, she founded Mutyara – a health juice -based products, using all traditional ingredients from her Indonesian roots.

Katharina Inkiriwang

Co-founder & CEO, MASSHIRO&Co., Indonesia

Katharina Inkiriwang (Co-founder & CEO, MASSHIRO & Co., Indonesia)

Katharina is one of the four co-founders consisting of two set of sisters. She is the sister of Alena. Currently, Katharina serves as the CEO of MASSHIRO&Co. 

Prior to joining MASSHIRO&Co. full-time in January 2021, she was the Vice President of Indonesia focused on Women-led businesses for SEAF, an emerging market private equity and impact investing firm. Before that, she focused on early-stage companies at Sovereign’s Capital where she successfully managed a portfolio from entry to exit to one of the unicorns in Indonesia. Katharina graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Consultancy International from the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, majoring in Accounting and Finance. She and her husband Timothy reside in Jakarta with their three little children.

Nurul Ashiqin

Project Fearless Founder

Moderator: Nurul Ashiqin (Project Fearless Founder)

As a person, Nurul identifies herself as an optimistic dreamer. Never being the smartest in the room, her resourcefulness and strong ability to connect with people always seemed to make her the one that people turned to for guidance (and her optimistic view on life!)

Receiving her education in Malaysia and The Netherlands, Nurul also attended the prestigious Summer School of the United Nations – World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Switzerland, the World Trade Institute – University of Bern, Switzerland and the Europa-Institute in Germany.

Over the years, Nurul learned from her various roles that her true calling was education. Whilst busy with her life in education as a Lecturer, Nurul still managed to have an active role on the public stage, having represented Malaysia in local and international forums. From Russia to India, Turkey to Portugal and many more, Nurul has been on the stage in 12 countries with over 50 speaking engagements. She was also the Keynote Speaker for the Business Communication Forum, Roundtable Session, Kyiv Edition, Ukraine.

As a result of her public speaking, she was honoured at the age of 30 to become the youngest Regional Director appointed for the World Communication Forum in Davos, Switzerland. With this platform, she successfully organized two editions of the World Communication Forum Davos in Kuala Lumpur and was subsequently awarded the awards of “Relationship of the Future 2015“ and “Leader of The Future 2018”.

She is currently the Global Advisory Board Member for the Forum.

A passionate educator, Nurul is also the founder of Project Fearless and Clue to the Zoo. Both passion projects were established with the mission to give the young people of Malaysia a winning chance for excellence.

An educator, international speaker, founder and global nomad, Nurul has made it her life mission to educate the next generation of youth to fulfil their true potential.