Panel Session 2: 10:45 - 11:45

Shifting the Perception: Re-Writing The Narratives Of Mental Health

Dr. Hazli Zakaria

Founder of Alaminda, Director of Alaminda Specialist Clinic

Dr. Hazli Zakaria (Founder of Alaminda, Director of Alaminda Specialist Clinic)

Dr.Hazli Zakaria is the founder of Alaminda Healthcare Berhad and Clinical  Director of Alaminda Specialist Clinic ShahAlam and has been actively involved with Malaysian Psychiatric Association (MPA) since 2009 and he is the current President since 2018. His main clinical interest is adult psychiatry particularly on the prevention and recovery aspect of major psychiatric disorders mainly mood disorder, adult ADHD, substance abuse and psychodynamic psychotherapy. He is actively involved in mental health professional programs, participates in patients’ support groups, media appearance and public forums. He has been conducting regular workshops for primary care doctors, mental health staff, dialysis paramedics and general public to improve knowledge on mental illness and mental literacy in the country.

YM Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim

Mental Health Advocate

YM Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim (Mental Health Advocate)

YM Che Puan Sarimah,is an award winning TV Host, Actress and Professional Emcee  who is well known and loved by Malaysians for the past 23 years. 

Educated in Malaysia, Dublin and Dubai  with a Psychology background, however she started her career hosting on The Disney Channel In 1998 and then went on to host numerous TV Shows including the Asian version of the global hit TV show aired on the Hallmark Channel -“ The Biggest Loser Asia” aired regionally across Asia. She has also hosted her own TV Talk Show “The Sarimah Show” and has graced the cover of  “Readers Digest Asia” magazine.

With an educational background in Psychology, She is very well known as an outspoken Celebrity Fitness and mental health advocate and was appointed the Patron of MIASA (Mental Illness Awareness and Support Association ) Malaysia 2021.

She is a Professional Certified Transformational Coach (2022). Currently living in KL with her husband Tunku Nadzimuddin and her daughter Tunku Sofia,  Che Puan Sarimah continues to inspire and educate the public on all health matters while entertaining as emcee at many prestigious corporate and media events.

Madiha Fuad

PlusVibes, Mental Health app Founder

Madiha Fuad (PlusVibes, Mental Health app Founder)

Madiha Fuad (Maddy) is the founder and CEO of PlusVibes Group, a mental health solutions provider with services such as a mobile application, workshops and a Charity. In just over one year, PlusVibes has close to 30,000 users consisting of corporate employees, students and the public. The company has prevented over 800 suicide ideation through its mobile application. In recognition of PlusVibes social impact, the company has won awards, startup competitions and grants from the Malaysian Government.

Having survived permanent nerve damage, Maddy has dedicated her life to not only advocate, but also to develop accessible solutions for mental health and personal development. She conducts workshops for corporate companies, universities and advocates her mission on TV, where she is able to create awareness on mental health to the mass public.

Zain Amri Ayeob

Strategic Communications Advocator

Moderator: Zain Amri Ayeob (Strategic Communications Advocator)

Zain Amri Ayeob is an author, speaker, consultant, coach and content creator in the field of interpersonal and brand communications strategies. His largest live audience was at the World Communication Forum and MyHackathon. He has also done consulting work for TERAJU, KL Sea Games 2017, Digi, Ministry of Health, Harvard, and KKLW.

Currently, he provides strategic communications consulting work to MNCs, GLCs, and even public figures such as politicians and celebrities. He also provides coaching and training in the field of political digital communications, branding and selfpreneurship.